bd bd bd –– black dice

The sounds used should seem familiar to fans of 2004’s polarizing Creature Comforts, as many of its synth patches, guitar tones and delay effects are featured on Broken Ear Record. The muffled, horn-like call that opens “Snarly Yow” could easily have been found hidden inside one of Comforts’ robotic tone poems, as could the scraped percussion or the bizarre vocal loop that adorns its outer edges. However, here, rather than revel in the chaos of a savage urban jungle, Black Dice quantize the beats and sprinkle kick drums strategically throughout the track. There are moments that pound, but most of the time, the piece is content to merely suggest pulse, using loops and even modest stretches with straightforward melody. Make no mistake, melody doesn’t play quite the importance in this world it does even in, say, Boredoms/Vooredoms’ music (BD’s most obvious predecessors)– but as withBroken Ear‘s efficient use of 4/4 drum stomp, a little goes a long way.

Dominique Leone
denne morgen denne dag dette liv, huske tidlige daggry med zero respect for naboerne og under – og overbo. Blæst gennem alle tider med Black Dice. Det er slet ikke så tosset. Det rykker i mig. Dog nu på hovedtelefoner. Alle mulige tanker smadrer gennem mig når jeg hører deres musik: WIKI siger 

Early years

Black Dice formed in spring 1997 soon after guitarist Bjorn Copeland met drummer Hisham Bharoocha and bassist Sebastian Blanckwhen they were students at the Rhode Island School of Design. Eric Copeland (vocals) was still attending high school in Maine and would visit on weekends. Early shows seldom lasted more than fifteen minutes and were characterised by violent performances where injuries were often sustained by the band and audience alike. Live sets mixed structured songs with improvised sound manipulation, and shows differed from night to night. Later joined by Bjorn’s brother Eric Copeland on vocals their early sound has been described by Tiny Mix Tapes as thrash-influenced noise.[1] They released several 7″s and embarked on a few brief tours before Blanck left the group.


Hvornår begyndte jeg egentlig at falde for det? måske det har været med Creature Comforts og ellers? så mange spørgsmål denne formiddag.




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