Squarepusher på Sound on Sound

“I was given this really cheap hand‑held cassette recorder made by some unknown brand that existed for a year or so, and that came with a small microphone. I was captivated by being able to record with it, but I also noticed a number of other things: if I walked around with the tape deck, the pitch would modulate, creating this almost drunken effect. If I put my fingers on the rollers while the cassette was playing, it would speed up the recording, and if I waved the microphone around, it altered the pitch of the recorded sound. I realised that what you’re supposed to do with a piece of equipment was only a small subset of what you can actually do with it. And so the initial intention of the recorder, to capture speech and music, went completely out of the window. This is still one way of summarising my approach to things.”

Tom Jenkinson


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