APHEX TWIN: It’s up to everyone to make their own interpretation.
DAMION: So rumours of your retirement were greatly exaggerated? What made you change your mind?
APHEX TWIN: The old mind was getting really slow and dull so I thought I’d get a new one.
DAMION: What have you been doing since Windowlicker was released?
APHEX TWIN: Playing around with human embryos that myself and my girlfriend made, before it’s illegal.
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) DAMION: Where/when was the album recorded?
APHEX TWIN: All over the place traveling. In some bank vaults and in the bath.
DAMION: Is all the material new?
APHEX TWIN: It’s the newest music available. Actually it’s a compilation of all the fake aphex tracks found on the world wide wank, I didn’t write any of them.
DAMION: Will there be any singles?
APHEX TWIN: Yes tomorrow, limited to one copy on my hard disk. My friend bought it on ebay which I think is on the Internet.





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